maddogs martial arts

  Cimac Superleague Grand Champion 2006

  The Cimac Superleague, based over 6 competitions nationally from Windsor to Birmingham, saw an unstopable show of skill and dedication from the young MADDOGS Junior Team. Not only winning the Title of Team Grand Champions they did it by not loosing any fights all year! But MADDOGS didn't stop there they also took 8 indevidual Grand Championships, Coach and Club of the year! GRAND CHAMPIONS: D.Maddock, C. Maddock, T. Gould, T. Wood, J. Mountford,T. Broadbent, D. Litherland, L. Moore-Martin. A Grand Total of 11 Grand Titles won over a year of competitions like the Premiership or formula 1 racing a true mark of Quality!